Located three blocks from the White House in Washington DC, Bey & Associates is a full-service accounting firm providing everything from traditional accounting services to advanced tax planning strategies. Regardless of whether you only need an individual tax return done or you have a seemingly impossible IRS-related issue, Bey & Associates will get you through it expertly and painlessly.

Led by Kim Bey, CPA and Certified Tax Coach, Bey & Associates is trusted by clients to stay on top of their bookkeeping, tax preparation, reporting and other routine accounting needs. However, as a full-service firm this is only a small part of what they do.  Financial strategy is where they really shine.

According to the U.S. government, every year American taxpayers overpay their taxes by $1 billion due to missed tax credit opportunities. This is the focus of Bey & Associates. They treat your taxes like their own, personally becoming involved to help you keep the money you earned by using their high-level knowledge of tax codes to help you plan strategies that might be totally missed otherwise.

While most accountants focus only on compliance, Bey & Associates strives to be proactive with your taxes, going on the offensive to find every possible way to reduce your tax liability. Their ability to do this lies in constant study. Tax codes change continually. What was true five years ago isn’t true today. Who can keep up? With access to a nationwide network of tax research experts and relentless continuing education, Kim stays up-to-date on aspects of the IRS code others miss, enabling her to ensure you’re getting the most cutting-edge tax advice possible.

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