Our firm revolves around our business clients.

While we do prepare taxes for individuals, unlike nationwide storefront tax prep franchises, our business services are where we really shine. We’re not a tax return mill; we’re advisors. We build relationships. We’re part of your expansion team.

We are experts in business taxes and finance. Rather than merely being a compliance-oriented CPA, putting the right numbers in the right boxes, our CEO, Kim Bey, was the first Certified Tax Coach in the Washington, D.C. area. One of an elite group of 200 CPAs in the nation devoted to tax planning, Kim’s focus is on proactive strategies to reduce tax burdens, rather than just reporting your tax liability after the fact.

$1 Billion in Overpaid Taxes

According to the U.S. government, every year American taxpayers overpay their taxes by $1 billion due to missed tax credit opportunities. Our goal is to help business owners and professionals keep more of their hard-earned money. Instead of throwing money at the IRS, why not invest the money back into their business? That’s good for them. That’s good for the economy. That’s good for everyone.

You may be overpaying your taxes without even knowing it. Let us take a look at your past returns and see if did.

More Than an Accountant: A Team Member

Business owners and professionals have a lot on their plates. Besides their personal and family lives, they have all the stress that comes with running a business, which means that, in addition to dealing with regulations, taxes, payroll and reporting requirements, they actually have to run a profitable company!

This puts a lot of pressure on them and taxes can become just another distraction. Our goal is to help take some of that stress off, to help you keep more of your hard-earned money and to free up your attention to do what you do best: run your company.

Business owners need an expert team on their side to help them deal with regulations, taxes and reporting requirements. From tax preparation and planning to consulting services and bookkeeping, if it has to do with accounting and finance, we do it. We’re more than just a business’ accountant.

We’re their advisor and advocate.  We’re their team member.
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