back taxes help

You didn’t go into business to do accounting.

You have a business to run and, honestly, sometimes accounting can just be a burden—a distraction from what you’re trying to do. We understand that at times accounting and taxes get away from a business owner, stacking up to an overwhelming situation.

This becomes anxiety. This becomes despair. Pretty soon a person’s back taxes can start to feel like an unsolvable situation. However, while they are definitely a threat to a business, it doesn’t have to be hopeless.

We can help.

You Were Right!

If you’ve been running  a successful business and chose to focus on profitability instead of bookkeeping, we want to tell you something:

You were right!

When a person has to make a decision between profitability and spending their time on accounting and taxes, there is only one logical choice—build the company, make it profitable and make money. Without that, then there really is no point to accounting, is there?

Now, of course, ideally a person would stay on top of accounting and taxes while simultaneously running a profitable company. However, this isn’t always an ideal world and we realize that. If you had to pick, you picked right.

Good job on growing your business. Good job on succeeding in today’s economy.

Now that you’re there, let us help you get caught up so that you have more attention to do what you do best, and can sleep better at night.

Not Just An Accountant – An Advocate

We want you to feel safe coming to us with your back tax situations. We have helped countless others in similar positions. We aren’t judgmental or critical. We have seen tons of situations where the business owner was so busy they just didn’t have time to get them sorted out…or didn’t even know what to do in the first place!

Our job is to help you get on top of it fast and with minimal stress. We can get years and years of records sorted out. You just bring them in and we’ll help implement solutions to get the whole thing under control.

No matter how bad it is, we can do something to resolve it.

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