We are looking for top-notch, upbeat team members. Our answer to the eternal question “Are you hiring?” is an emphatic YES.

We are hiring, and we’re hiring now!

Since its founding, Bey & Associates has experienced continual growth. As more and more clients discovered us, they passed on our name to their friends until word of mouth alone forced us to expand.  And it hasn’t stopped since then.

We’re on the lookout for driven, upbeat people. Whether you’re a CPA or just want to be part of our support staff, we’re interested in talking to you.

Bey & Associates takes great pains to service our clients exceptionally well, after all they’re the only reason we’re here. It is that concept, along with an expert knowledge of tax codes, which has built the business to what it is today.

We’re not just CPAs. We’re advocates. We’re champions. We’re defenders. We have to really be willing to step up to the plate when they need help and we expect every one of our staff to have that exact same attitude.

One of the foundations of our company is that we are mission-driven. We’re trying to help people. Taxes can be very oppressive to business owners. We want to help give them peace of mind that their taxes and finances are under control so that they can take their attention off of them and go back to doing whatever it is they do best.

Our qualifications are simple:

1. An excellent CPA (or excellent skills if not applying for a CPA position)
2. A bright, intelligent person who can pick up new skills easily
3. High standards of ethics and morals and a strong work ethic
4. Strong desire to honestly help people
5. Upbeat “can-do” attitude and able to problem-solve in tough situations, while maintaining a positive outlook

That’s about it. If you fit those criteria, not only do we want you, but we will go to great lengths to get you.

Probably the most valuable thing to employees about Bey & Associates is the work environment. We don’t engage in backbiting or negativity. We don’t suddenly surprise employees with bad news or new rules. We value our people. A lot. And treat them with respect.

At Bey & Associates you will have the benefit of working in a fully systematized practice, with cutting edge technological tools and a practical management style that really works. Our entire concept is to provide a work environment that we would like to work in…because we’re working here too!

Best of all though, you will find a firm that really values performance. Politics don’t matter here. Appearances and popularity don’t impress us. We’re looking for hard workers who can deliver the highest quality of service to our clients.

We are looking for people who want to take an active role in building the practice, not merely “show up for work.” We value initiative and are willing to reward it with profit sharing, equity compensation and other ownership-stake mechanisms.

Our standard varies depending on experience, skills and the like. We try to pay well, better than others. We want our staff to be happy to be here.

However, the best compensation we can offer is partnership. You can run your own business. In our continual expansion, the need to open additional offices is becoming more and more apparent. We’ve developed workable systems of attracting clients and delivering high-level accounting services to them. We are looking for people who have similar goals and are a good fit for the company.

If this is you, please drop us a line to arrange a personal visit. Thanks for your interest and we hope to hear from you soon!

To find out more, please call us at (202) 483-0404 or shoot us an email via our contact form.