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Bey & Associates, CPAs, PC
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 13 reviews
by Andrew on Bey & Associates, CPAs, PC
Amazing job! Highly recommended!

I am enthusiastically writing this positive review and unreserved recommendation for Kim Bey and her team, with especial thanks to Rae and Lek for all their hard work researching and prompt communication with me regarding my case. I have been used to filing my taxes myself and made a serious error in a fairly complicated trade when I filed last year that cost me a lot of money. After speaking to five different people on the IRS “help line,” which ended in wasted hours and enormous frustration, I went to a big, well-known firm to help me file an amended return. The gentleman who attended me touted his 20-plus years of experience and education, and then, after looking over my case, told me that I was mistaken, that almost certainly nothing could be done, but that he would give me a call to confirm after researching. I never heard from him again and was on the verge of giving up when I decided to try once more with a smaller firm. I am incredibly thankful that I found Kim and talked to her about my case. She met with me for free, reviewed my documents, and within a week told me that she thought I had a good case and that she would take it for a very fair price. I was almost speechless when she called me in to review my amended tax return and showed me that she had recovered $13,000! I’m a middle-income earner and this amount of money means a lot to me. I can honestly say that I have rarely seen expertise like this combined with such caring and responsive professionals as the Bey & Associates team. Kim is not exaggerating when she says, “We feel as happy about getting you money back as you do.” She was just as excited as I was to go over my case and show me how she had gotten my hard-earned money back. I will be a lifelong client of Kim’s and will be wholeheartedly recommending her to my friends and colleagues. Amazing job, thank you Kim and Team! Andrew P.

by Carmen Boykin on Bey & Associates, CPAs, PC
Highly recommended

I recommend Bey & Associates to any professional and business owner looking to increase their income and minimize their tax burden. After spending a little for tax preparation services every year I realized that I was looking for a business adviser who could help me maximize my tax deductions and increase my income. I found Kim Bey after attending one of her seminars at the D.C. Bar. Working with her is one of the best investments I’ve made so far. After just one session of business coaching, I discovered that I can increase my income by tens of thousands this year alone!

by Emily S. on Bey & Associates, CPAs, PC

Kim was incredibly professional, personable, and knowledgeable. Last year she saved my wife and I $30,000 and still got us a refund! She did not give up and kept researching until she had the best possible outcome she could find for us. She is very LGBT friendly and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a great CPA.

by Todd C. on Bey & Associates, CPAs, PC

I recently used Bey and Associates, CPAs, PC, in order to take care of some tax returns. Kim Bey was thoroughly professional, straightforward, pleasant, and worked with me to find thousands of dollars of legitimate tax deductions. I not only saved money but know that if I am ever audited, my returns were done transparently, professionally, and will pass muster with the most demanding IRS auditor. I am a Ph.D. scientist and international development professional and am very selective as to whom I trust with my tax and personal information. I have worked with several excellent income tax professionals and Kim is as good as they come. I highly recommend working with Bey and Associates on any tax related issue.

by Jennifer R. on Bey & Associates, CPAs, PC

I found Kim after doing extensive research and reviewing various CPAs and other tax advisors in the area. I decided to give her shot after reading through her reviews. Just to be clear I work in the accounting/audit field so I am particular when it comes to CPAs.

I made an error filing my 2011 tax return and received a menacing letter from the IRS. Kim went through the possible steps and outcomes during our initial consultation. I decided to go with her services following the consultation. I thought that she was extremely knowledgeable and personable. I also appreciated the fact that I came to her prior to the onset of tax season.

I was so pleased with the results. She handled communication with the IRS and the end results was absolutely in my favor. I would recommend Kim 100% to anyone that is need of tax prep, tax advice or help with IRS notices. I think she did a great job and even took the time to take on my case during tax season.

by R.K. on Bey & Associates, CPAs, PC

I am so glad I went to see Kim when I got a "love letter" from the IRS asking for thousands of dollars in unreported taxes from 2011. I had done my own taxes on line, and thought I followed all the directions properly, but somehow I made a major error.

Kim looked at the letter and my return for about 45 seconds and said, "I think I can definitely help you with this. You don't owe all this money." A week later she contacted me that she had amended my 2011 return and, not only did I not owe any money at all... I was getting a refund of a hundreds of dollars!

I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is frustrated with trying to figure out the tax system. She is fast, efficient, and really knows what she is doing. Also, she took away all the stress I had about the IRS in our first meeting. She is the best!

by Michael G. on Bey & Associates, CPAs, PC

I had a problem with H&R Block and needed someone to fix an old return. Kim went over my options and helped re-file. She is truly a life saver. I'm having her look over everything I send to the IRS for now on.

by Richard B. on Bey & Associates, CPAs, PC

I'm so lucky I found Kim. She's a sweetheart, talented, and has been dedicated to my IRS management questions and concerns. She's also great at reminding me what I need to do, when I need to do it.

by Maria P. on Bey & Associates, CPAs, PC

Kim did an fantastic job with a tax issue I had. She is not only knowledgeable but she showed a lot of tact, understanding and professionalism in handling my situation. I was lucky to have found her and recommend her work highly.

by Ron E. on Bey & Associates, CPAs, PC

We've worked on over 800 companies [for business valuations] and Kim helped with tax planning for those companies. Since that time she's also done my personal taxes and over the last couple of years she has probably saved me over $500,000.

by Tom M. on Bey & Associates, CPAs, PC

As the rating says, Kim Bey is "as good as it gets!". If you're struggling to find an accountant, and especially a GREAT accountant, look no further than Kim Bey.

Kim Bey is an amazing account and business advisor that goes above and beyond to help her clients. I have been working with her for years to build my business and she has become my trusted advisor and friend. Kim takes a personal interest in each of her clients --- results-driven tax planning, thoughtful business consulting, thorough attention to detail and a 360 degree approach to business/personal accounting. As a small business owner, having Kim Bey "on my team" helped me navigate the intimidating waters of business formation, taxes and budgeting. I cannot say enough about her and her team and have recommended Kim to anyone and everyone I know in search of accounting services!

by Matt M. on Bey & Associates, CPAs, PC

This is the first time in years that I'm not angry 2 days before tax day...and why? Because Kim Bey is amazing. I've got a small business in DC and as one can imagine, the tax situation is complicated. She took my problems to heart and treated the whole process like one big optimization problem, trying several different scenarios. I can't imagine that she has enough time to have taken such great care of me - and still have time for other clients, but obviously she does. Her tax planning and tax prep work is amazing - and her advice as a CPA is golden. Thanks Kim. You're worth your weight in gold. Give Kim Bey a call and talk to her—you'll be hooked and you won't be disappointed. Great location in DC too.

by Raena C. on Bey & Associates, CPAs, PC

I can't say enough about Kim Bey & Associates! They took my somewhat unique business/tax situation and made it easy for me to tackle. Kim has been right by my side any time I've had questions or issues.