For the past few years, I have been serving on the D.C. Bar Association’s Practice Management Service Committee and providing tax seminars and tax advice to members.  I am the first CPA to be appointed in the association’s history.

Annually, I give seminars at the Association’s Practice 360º | A Day for Lawyers & Law Firms event.

This past year, I gave a seminar on  “Tax Planning for Lawyers: 7 Costly Mistakes To Avoid — Lessons From A Top Professional.” I told attendees that “attorneys work very hard for their money, yet in most cases it has been found that they omit adequate tax planning, thereby losing out on potential tax savings of thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars. This leads to stress and typically loss of revenues — situations that could have been avoided.”  This is true of most professionals, not just lawyers.

From that, the D.C. Bar Association published this article of mine.

The original story is here.