Starting out with little more than a computer and a phone, Bey & Associates has become one of the highest-quality accounting practices in the Washington DC area. At our core is passionate customer service and expert tax knowledge, which go hand in hand with each other.

Inherent in our company’s DNA is the concept that we are an advocate for our clients. We don’t just “do their accounting.” Whether we’re helping them with QuickBooks, doing their bookkeeping or setting up advanced tax planning strategies, our goal is to take the burden of finances off of them so they can do whatever it is they do best.

At the helm of Bey & Associates is Kim Bey, CPA. Kim’s core principles have led the company’s expansion to what it is now. Kim’s primary philosophy is that we treat your taxes as we would our own. We don’t take a position on your return that we wouldn’t take on our own taxes.

We care about our customers and sincerely do our best to go to bat for them.

While most CPAs were trained once in school and then maybe continue their education once a year at an annual convention, we are passionate about our tax knowledge. In order to best serve your clients you really have to know the ins and outs of current laws and interpretations. You can save your clients money, legally and ethically. A lot. But you really have to know the nuances of the tax code. This is why we are continually on top of changes, updating our education every two weeks and doing heavy self-initiated study.

As a Certified Tax Coach, Kim has access to a whole network of national researchers and who can supply her with up-to-the-minute tax codes changes and legal interpretations. While no CPA can possibly stay on top of every nuance in the millions of words of IRS tax codes, with Kim’s resources, Bey & Associates is probably as close as it gets.

Bey & Associates uses cutting-edge technology to provide top-notch service to our clients. Using our online portal, clients can upload and download tax documents from anywhere in the world. We currently have clients from as far away as South America, France and Dubai. Accessing your tax information is as simple as logging into our website.

Keeping track of every single document related to a multitude of clients can be a daunting task. At a moment’s notice we need to be able to locate any given piece of information a client may need. To achieve this, Bey & Associates has a state-of-the-art internal computer system. This ensures that we have rapid access to countless pieces of data, regardless of how many clients we have or how busy we get.

This means faster, more personalized service for each of our clients.

We’re a full service firm, which means that we do whatever it takes to help our clients. We’re not just your accountant. We’re part of your team.

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